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If you are looking to hire or find a tax attorney, you’ve come to the right place. is dedicated to helping you determine what kind of tax lawyer you need and who might be the best fit. Whether you are a small business looking for some extra help on the tough stuff or an individual that just needs a hand, we’re here to help. Before you jump in to find a local tax attorney, it is important to figure out if you need to hire one at all. Sometimes a certified public accountant can be all you need if you just need to maximize your deductions and make sure that each type of deduction goes in the right place.

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Our goal at is to help you determine whether you need to hire a tax attorney, when you might want to hire one, or if you will be fine with just hiring a CPA or even using software for your taxes. Sometimes hiring lawyers can be extremely expensive and it is important to be educated before you obtain a costly consultation or spend time and effort working with a lawyer. When it comes to the IRS and paying taxes, virtually everybody is a bit intimidated and apprehensive. If you are receiving threatening notices from the IRS or even if the IRS has taken further action against you, try not to panic and remember that you always have options.